Information about CIA

CIA teaches about classical client-server applications in the Internet.

  1. cia.html
    Schedule of the lectures
  2. practice.html
    Lab Practice Exercises

Sheets of the lectures

On October 16 we visited the IC of the UvA as a case study for this course. Here are the presentations .

Sheets of the lectures

  1. Directory_Services.pdf
    Lecture of October 16
  2. LDAP.pdf
    Sheets from Jaap's lecture last year
  3. DNS_root_Romijn.pdf
    Guest lecture of October 11 by Erik Romijn
  4. Web.pdf
    Lecture of October 5 and October 9
  5. Email_Architecture.pdf
    Lecture of October 2 and October 5
  6. Email.pdf
    Lecture of September 25 and September 28
  7. DNSSEC.pdf
    Lecture of September 25
  8. Lecture and notes
    Guest lecture of September 21 by Olaf Kolkman
  9. DNS.pdf
    Lecture of September 18
  10. System_Init.pdf
    Lecture (2) of September 13
  11. Booting_Protocols.pdf
    Lecture (1) of September 13
  12. Playing_with_OF.pdf
    Lecture (2) of September 11
  13. Booting.pdf
    Lecture (1) of September 11
  14. History_Security.pdf
    Lecture of September 7
  15. History.pdf
    Lecture of September 4

Contribution to ESA

Within the context of ESA Jan Bergstra and Karst Koymans gave their personal opinion about the philosophy behind SNE. Here are the sheets in Dutch used by Karst Koymans.

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