Essential Skills for Administrators

Teacher:Eelco Schatborn
Book:none, but check the library in the back for reference materials…


subject sheets
1 September Introductie en Dokuwiki Introductie, (Doku)wiki
4 September LaTeX LaTeX part 1
8 September Advanced Latex LaTeX part 2
15 September XSLT, CSS CSS/XSLT
18 September (cross) compilation, autoconf, … Build Systems
22 September Versioning, Regular Expressions CVS, RE
25 September BASH scripting, sed, awk esa_sed_awk.pdf
29 September Scripting Languages perl.pdf
2 October SURFcert conference Eindhoven
6 October Scripting Languages python.pdf python_examples.tar.gz
9 October Scripting Languages ruby.pdf ruby.tar.gz
13 October Overrun
16 October Overrun
20 October Exam


Karst Koymans: "De academische SNE-er"


30% Essay + 70% Exam


Write a 750 word (at least) essay about your views/vision on the study SNE. Use the talk given by Karst Koymans as well as the SNE website and other materials. Take a look at other studies like ours as well.

Deadline: 15 October, after that: no grade! → Hand in LaTeX sources as well as a PDF version.


The exam will have a theoretical and a practical part

Material: All material from the classes, including sheets and practical assignments. You are not allowed to have your book or copies of any material during the exam.

Practical: Recreating a text in XHTML/CSS as well as LaTeX

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