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 ==== October 7, Licensing ==== ==== October 7, Licensing ====
 Freek Dijkstra'​s {{2009-2010:​courses:​colloquia:​licenses_2009.pdf|slides}} Freek Dijkstra'​s {{2009-2010:​courses:​colloquia:​licenses_2009.pdf|slides}}
 ==== October 27, Logic ==== ==== October 27, Logic ====
-{{2009-2010:​courses:​colloquia:​logic.pdf|Logic for SNE}} by Karst Koymans+{{2009-2010:​courses:​colloquia:​logic.pdf|Logic for SNE}} ({{2009-2010:​courses:​colloquia:​logic_notes.pdf|notes}}) ​by Karst Koymans

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