Essential Skills for Administrators

Teacher:Eelco Schatborn
Book:none, but check the library in the server room for reference materials…

Introductory lecture


Date Subject Sheets
31 August Introduction Introduction
3 September Dokuwiki (Doku)wiki
9 September XSLT, CSS CSS/XSLT
14 September Autotools Autotools
17 September LaTeX part 1 LaTeX part 1
21 September LaTeX part 2 LaTeX part 2
24 September Regular Expressions Regular Expressions
28 September Regular Expressions, sed + AWK sed + AWK
1 October Programming: Perl Perl
5 October Programming: Python Python
8 October Programming: Ruby Ruby
12 October SVN/CVS/RCS/Git CVS


Write an essay of at least 750 words in which you present your own vision on academic aspects of the SNE master.

Some things you might use are

  • The introductory lecture by Karst
  • Material presented in the lectures or colloquia
  • Setup of curricula in comparable educations
  • Everything available on the SNE Wiki

Pay attention to your use of the English language. Give supporting arguments for your opinions.

Deadline for the essay is Friday, September 25.

You have to typeset the essay in LaTeX and hand in both the TeX source as well as the pdf output.

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