Classical Internet Applications

Lecturer: Karst Koymans

Lab teacher: Toto van Inge

News and Information

  • The first lecture starts on Tuesday, September 6.
  • The lecture from Friday, September 16 was moved to Wednesday, September 14.
  • There will be no lab assistance on Tuesday, September 20.

Time and Location

Every Tuesday and Friday (September 6 - October 15, 2010)

10.30 - 12.15 hours

SNE Lab (B1.23)


(Optional) book

Optional book

OS3 DNSKEY record

The new OS3 DNSKEY record is as follows.	86400	IN	DNSKEY	257 3 5 AwEAAbyzpi3ynVCs9Zcd2tAuYekjk3Vp894JH8KaxVyXzVfmqURWgT4d dimAuTtl91r5ajWI+9zteNVRu+9taVkqO1PP8kTRmN2zxlMUbGZ6e18z Pk099Pdmz1brxwsSCOSHk7jWJR3ohjCYjrHkl2keFD/uViPj98ZFr1Sn W7PiIpdl0w18eT547r+ng8Fffnn82erLPxdS15U14SrYjyqbA4rSXM4n tOsrQelRJ+6YGQcdNLmWyLyKIn9jtzcR56pS4S/rG5Rz8IF59Ol4cxsj hukPyixMyexL1O2c64wKmLgpJEcM0eifm0MzaHeSP1voYn8gajpA+3fl n5cUTV5RPBM=


You can find the planning on its own page.


Date Day Topic Slides Handouts Version Lab assignments Smartboard Notes Remarks
20100907 Tuesday Intro Intro Intro handout 1.8 See ESA
History 1 History History handout 1.9 Booting
20100910 Friday History 2
20100914 Tuesday Domain Name System 1 DNS DNS handout 1.11 DNS-1 DNS notes 1
20100915 Wednesday Domain Name System 2 DNS-2 DNS notes 2
20100921 Tuesday Domain Name System 3 Continue work on DNS
and your webbased log
DNS notes 3 No lab assistance
20100924 Friday Email 1 Email
Email handout
ABNF handout
Deflating handout
20100928 Tuesday Email 2 Email Architecture Email Architecture handout 1.7 MTA2 Email notes
20101001 Friday Email 3 Sendmail-bt Sendmail-bt handout 1.4 sendmail rules
20101005 Tuesday Web Web Web handout 1.7 Web 3-tier model
20101008 Friday Booting Disks
Disks handout
Protocols handout
Booting notes
20101012 Tuesday Directories Directories Directories handout 1.5
20101015 Friday DNS security DNS security DNS security handout 1.13 DNS security notes
20101019 Tuesday Casus DNSSEC 1 Marco Davids DNSSEC
20101022 Friday Casus DNSSEC 2
20101027 Wednesday Examination

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