Essential Skills

Teacher Adam Belloum
Book none, but check the library in the server room for reference materials


October 25 2010

  • Theory exam 11:15-13:15
  • Practical exam 14:00-16:00

Introductory lecture

Guest lectures on Grid Computing

MSc Grid computing presentations (Thursday 21st, starting at 13:00)

  1. Deepthi Devaki, Pittle Philip, Chen Qingwen “A comparative study of Database technologies in grid”
  2. Malanou Maria, Putra Ganeshwara, Visser Vasco “Nimbus: from Grid to Cloud” (might not be the exact tittle)
  3. Shojaei Peyma, Sousa Diogo Miguel Sousa“Virtual Data concept in scientific data-intensive applications”
  4. Kamp Jeroen “TO BE ANNOUNCED”

Guest Lectures for the course Introduction to e-Science course

Jan Just Keijser, Nikhef gave a good guest lecture for the MSc Students Grid computing here are the slides, you might find them interesting:

"BiG Grid: the Dutch production grid, October 2010"


Date subject sheets
September 6 Dokuwiki (Doku)Wiki
September 13 css XSLT CSS/XSLT
September 17 autools autools
September 20 LaTeX part 1 LaTeX part 1
September 23 LaTeX part 2 LaTeX part 2
September 27 Regular Expressions Regular Expressions
September 30 Regular Expressions. sed +awk sed + awk
October 04 Perl perl
October 07 Python python
October 11 ruby ruby
October 14 cvs cvs

Apache log

For the last assignment, the Apache log can be downloaded from here: Apache access log

Due to limited file extension permissions on DokuWiki, you have to remove the .pdf extension after you have downloaded the file.


Write an essay of at least 750 words in which you present your own vision on academic aspects of the SNE master.

Some things you might use are

  • The introductory lecture by Karst (
  • Material presented in the lectures or colloquia
  • Setup of curricula in comparable educations
  • Everything available on the SNE Wiki

Pay attention to your use of the English language. Give supporting arguments for your opinions.

Deadline for the essay is Monday, September 27.

You have to typeset the essay in LaTeX and hand in both the TeX source as well as the pdf output

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