Security of Systems and Networks



Date Day Topic Slides Handouts Lab assignments Smartboard Notes Remarks
20101101 Monday Intro Classical Crypto Codebook
20101104 Thursday Classical Crypto Engima
20101108 Monday Modern Crypto Modern crypto Modern Cryptography
20101111 Thursday NLUUG No lecture due to NLUUG conference
20101115 Monday Steganography Steganography
20101122 Monday Math Crypto Math Crypto Math handout
20101125 Thursday Authentication Authentication
20101129 Monday Protocols Protocols
20101202 Thursday KPMG guest lecture Passwords Web security
20101206 Monday SSL IPsec SSL IPsec
20101216 Thursday Kerberos GSM Wireless Kerberos GSM Wireless

Some sheets of guest lectures are only available to students and shouldn't be distributed outside of OS3

local copy codebook CD

Additional Material: WEP WPA WPA2 802.11i Rainbow Tables Evolution of Wireless Security


Student Project
Privacy consequences of using android apps To what extent do smart-phones leak your private information?Implicit trust-based security between BGP neighbors is outdatedSecurity threats in VoIP implementationsTracking website users with system fingerprints and browsing behaviourEntry point distribution in overlay networks
Nick Barendregt V
Marc Buijsman V
Sebastian Carlier V
Aris Christou ?
Pascal Cuylaerts V
Kevin de Kok V
Roy Duisters V
Miguel Ferreira V
Danny Groenewegen V
Vesselin Hadjitodorov V
Berry Hoekstra V
Sudesh Jethoe V
Alex Kasabov V
Harald Kleppe V
Thorben Kruger V
Marek Kuczynski V
Pieter Lange V
Niels Monen V
Damir Musulin V
Eleonora Petridou V
Hidde van der Heide V
Jochem van Kerkwijk V
Bastiaan Wissingh V


The Exam is open book. No electronic aids allowed


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