Classical Internet Applications

Lecturer: Karst Koymans

Lab teacher: Toto van Inge

News and Information

  • The first lecture starts on Tuesday, September 6, 10:30.
  • In week 42 (October 17-21) Possible (overflow) CIA lectures and/or casus ot site visit will be in the afternoon.
  • Week 42 (October 17-21) has preliminary DIA lectures at the VU.

Seating order

Machine number Student
1 Yannick Scheelen
2 Daan Wagenaar
3 Jop van der Lelie
5 Kevin de Kok
6 Maikel de Boer
7 Nick Barendregt
8 Bastiaan Wissingh
9 Hidde van der Heide
10 Mohammad Shafahi
12 Albert Spruyt
13 Sebastian Dabkiewicz
14 Gerrie Veerman
15 Jeffrey Bosma
16 Marc Buijsman
17 Dimitar Pavlov
18 Alexandre Ferreira
20 Joris Soeurt
21 Damir Musulin
23 Christos Tziortzios
24 Rory Breuk

Time and Location

Every Tuesday and Friday (September 6 - October 14, 2011)

10.30 - 12.15 hours

SNE Lab (B1.23)


(Optional) book

Optional book

This text is published in 2002 and is a little bit dated on certain details.

On the other hand the concepts discussed are still valid and the book is a good introduction to basic principles.

It is available as an Ebook since 2009 (ISBN: 978-0-596-10328-6).


You can find the planning on its own page.


Date Day Topic Slides Handouts Version Lab assignments Smartboard Notes Remarks
20110906 Tuesday History 1 Intro, HistoryIntro, History1.11, 1.16booting
20110909 Friday History 2 History of SecurityHistory of Security1.4
20110913 Tuesday Domain Name System 1 DNSDNS1.20DNS-1File system naming
20110916 Friday Domain Name System 2 DeflatingDeflating1.8DNS-2Deflation and naming
20110920 Tuesday Domain Name System 3 DNS tree
20110923 Friday DNS Security 1 DNSSECDNSSEC1.19DNSSECWildcards, Recursion
20110927 Tuesday DNS Security 2 Negative answersDNSSEC lab
20110930 Friday Email 1 EmailEmail1.9MTA-1, MTA-2AD flagDNSSEC lab
20111004 Tuesday Email 2 Email architectureEmail architecture1.9 OS3 EmailMail lab
20111007 Friday Booting 1 DisksDisks1.10 SetsMail lab
20111011 Tuesday Booting 2 ProtocolsProtocols1.7 Lockstep
20111014 Friday Web WebWeb1.10Web3-tier model Lab assignments are optional
20111018 Tuesday Directories DirectoriesDirectories1.8 Search filters

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