Essential Skills

Teacher Adam Belloum
Book none, but check the library in the server room for reference materials

News and Information

  1. This Thursday October 20th, there will be no ES lecture, (free slot to prepare for the exam and complete the assignments)
  2. Guest Lecture on “ SQL and databases” Monday 17th 10:00-12:00 by Daniël van Eeden RDBMS Assignments
  3. The first lecture starts on Monday, September 5.
  4. In week 38 (September 19-23) ES lectures will be given by a substitute (Toto van Inge).
  5. Reggie Cushing (PhD student at Section of Computational Science) contact him at
  6. Assignment autotols: This assignment might not be clear enough. The idea is to play with debian source

package and creating an executable. If you still have time and will you can also try to created a binary package .deb, there are plenty of help out there how to do that (optional)

Time and Location

Every Monday and Thursday (September 5 - October 14, 2010)

10.15 - 12.00 hours

SNE Lab (B1.23)

the student seating:

Note: The seating of the student is the result of the NomCom selection procedure, based on the Lotto drawing (9 10 18 23 26 41) of Saturday, September 3. the main texfile

seating student name wiki/xml/xhtml CSS/XSLT/autools Latex1/2 Reg awk/sed Perl/python ruby/cvs
1 Yannick Scheelen
2 Daan Wagenaar
3 Jop van der Lelie
4 Fred Wieringa
5 Tarik El-Yassem
6 Maikel de Boer
8 Vic Ding
10 Albert Spruyt
11 Razvan Oprea NR NR/✔
12 Mohammad Shafahi
13 Sebastian Dabkiewicz
14 Gerrie Veerman
15 Jeffrey Bosma
16 Michiel Appelman NR/✔
17 Dimitar Pavlov NR
18 Dennis Cortjens NR NR
19 Pieter Lexis NR/✔ NR/✔
20 Joris Soeurt
21 Iwan Hoogendoorn
23 Christos Tziortzios
24 Rory Breuk
  • NR = not Ready (the student still have the flag not ready in his wiki)
  • ✘ = not following the course/ seat number not assigned
  • NOTE: if you think that the table is not uptodate, send us and email


October 24 2011

  • Theory exam 11:15-13:15
  • Practical exam 14:00-16:00

Theory-exam 2010 theory-exam-2010 practical-exam 2010: given the package beamer, try to reproduce a subset of slides of the course Latex including (tables, figures, items, quotes, references, math equations, colors). Also CSS question redo the same example we have done during the lecture (the layout of the SNE web page)


Date subject sheets
September 5 Dokuwiki (Doku)Wiki
September 8 XML, XHTML xml/xhtml
September 12 css XSLT css/xslt
September 15 autools autotools
September 19 LaTeX part 1 Latex-1
September 22 LaTeX part 2 Latex-2
September 26 Regular Expressions regexp
September 29 Regular Expressions. sed +awk sed/awk
October 03 Perl perl
October 06 Python python
October 10 ruby ruby
October 15 cvs cvs

Installing the desktop machines

  • If the computer is still running, turn if off.
  • Turn the computer on.

The machine will now perform a netboot.

  • Press F1 to get an overview of the available boot options.
  • Type fx160-10.04 and press enter.

The machine will now do an unattended install of Ubuntu 10.04. Existing data will be overwritten! Realize this when you want to reinstall in the future.

After installing, the machine will reboot.

  • When PXE comes up again, press enter.

The machine will boot its new installation. This installation is configured to work within the OS3 network. For instance, it uses LDAP to verify your identity when you log in.

Customization and data storage

You can of course install software and tweak your configuration, but keep it generic with desktop sharing in mind.

Do not install keyloggers, backdoor'ed SSH servers or other password retrieval software!

Do not store important information on your desktop machine! Use your own private server instead.

Apache log

For the last assignment, the Apache log can be downloaded from here: Apache access log

Due to limited file extension permissions on DokuWiki, you have to remove the .pdf extension after you have downloaded the file.

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