Security of Systems and Networks


Schedule & Sheets

Date Day Topic Slides Handouts Lab assignments Smartboard Notes Remarks
20111031 Monday Classical Crypto pdf CodeBook
20101103 Thursday Engima pdf
20101107 Monday Modern Crypto pdf Modern Cryptography
20101110 Thursday Smartcards pdf
20101114 Monday Modern Crypto
20101117 Thursday Crypto Math Crypto MathCrypto Math NotesBernstein on elliptic curves
20101121 Monday Protocols pdf
20101124 Thursday PKI & Certificates pdf
20101128 Monday Authentication
20101201 Thursday SSL & IPSEC pdf
20101205 Monday Authentication pdf
20101208 Thursday Password cracking
20101212 Monday Social Engineering No slides
20101215 Thursday Wireles security and GSM pdf
20101220 Monday Presentations
20101222 Friday Examination

Exam material:

Slides and Book:

  • Chapter 1 in full
  • Chapter 2 in full
  • Chapter 3 in full emphasis on DES and EAS
  • Chapter 4 in full mind the slides !
  • Chapter 5 in full emphasis on MD5 and SHA
  • Chapter 6 only what is covered in class
  • Chapter 7 en 8 only as background to Math sheets
  • Chapter 9 in full
  • Chapter 10 in full
  • Chapter 11.1 till 11.3 + slides
  • Chapter 12 just read
  • Chapter 13 en 14 (only slides)
  • Chapter 15 read (only slides)
  • Chapter 16 in full (for topics covered in class)
  • Chapter 17 18 read (only slides)
  • Chapter 19 in full
  • Chapter 20-23 read in overview
  • Chapter 35 read in overview

Some sheets of guest lectures are only available to students and shouldn't be distributed outside of OS3

local copy codebook CD

Additional Material: WEP WPA WPA2 802.11i Rainbow Tables Evolution of Wireless Security


Students Project titles
Secure off-site backup solutionFinding the true identity of hidden webservers whithin I2PPeople's awareness on passwords vulnerabilitiesSecurity awareness of public Wi-Fi hotspotsUSB BaitingViber communication securityWhatsApp database encription on Android and BlackBerry
Michiel Appelman V
Jeffrey Bosma V
Rory Breuk V
Dennis Cortjens V
Miguel da Silva V
Sebastian Dabkiewicz V
Maikel de Boer V
Tarik El Yassem V
Iwan Hoogendoorn V
Pieter Lexis V
Razvan Oprea V
Dimitar Pavlov V
Yannick Scheelen V
Mohammad Shafahi V
Joris Soeurt V
Albert Spruyt V
Christos Tziortzios V
Jop van der Lelie V
Gerrie Veerman V
Daan Wagenaar V
Fred Wieringa V

Find your SSN project presentation video here.


No electronic aids allowed


Jaap van Ginkel

Jaap van Ginkel

Lab teacher: Toto van Inge

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