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   * Slides: {{2012-2013:​int_gov_20130410.pdf|(PDF)}}   * Slides: {{2012-2013:​int_gov_20130410.pdf|(PDF)}}
 +===== Research methods ​ =====
 +May 8, 2013—by [[d.heinhuis@hva.nl|Dick Heinhuis]]
 +  * Slides: {{:​2012-2013:​research_fundamentals_2013.pptx|PPTX}}
 +  * {{:​2012-2013:​davis_et_al_-_user_acceptance_of_computer_technology.pdf|Davis et al - User acceptance of computer technology}}
 +  * {{:​2012-2013:​wade_-_bridging_the_digital_divide.pdf|Wade - Bridging the digital divide}}

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