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 |1b|Both|5384CLIA6Y|Classical Internet Applications|CIA| |1b|Both|5384CLIA6Y|Classical Internet Applications|CIA|
 |2a|Both|5384SESN6Y|Security of Systems and Networks|SSN| |2a|Both|5384SESN6Y|Security of Systems and Networks|SSN|
-|2b|Both|*5384DIIA6Y|Distributed Internet Applications|DIA|+|2b|Both|5384DIIA6Y|Distributed Internet Applications|DIA|
 |3|Both|53841REP6Y|Research Project 1|RP1| |3|Both|53841REP6Y|Research Project 1|RP1|
 |4a|Forensics|5384CYFO6Y|CyberCrime and Forensics|CCF| |4a|Forensics|5384CYFO6Y|CyberCrime and Forensics|CCF|

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