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Course codes

BlockTrackSISCourse nameShorthand
1aBoth5384ESSK6YEssential SkillsES
1bBoth5384CLIA6YClassical Internet ApplicationsCIA
2aBoth5384SESN6YSecurity of Systems and NetworksSSN
2bBoth*5384DIIA6YDistributed Internet ApplicationsDIA
3Both53841REP6YResearch Project 1RP1
4aForensics5384CYFO6YCyberCrime and ForensicsCCF
4aNetworking5384INRO6YInterNetworking and RoutingINR
4bBoth5384LAIA6YLarge Installation AdministrationLIA
5aBoth5384OFTE6YOffensive TechnologiesOT
5bForensics5384VIAN6YVisual AnalyticsVA
5bNetworking5384ADNE6YAdvanced NetworkingAN
6Forensics53842FRP6YForensics Research Project 2RP2
6Networking53842NRP6YNetworking Research Project 2RP2

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