Advanced Networking 2012-2013

This page contains general information about the course.
The material related to the specific lectures and the associated assignments can be found in the lectures page.


Lab Teachers

  • Canh Ngo

With additional lab contributions from:

  • Niels Sijm
  • Jeroen van der Ham
  • Marijke Kaat
  • Marc Makkes

Lab Support

  • Niels Sijm


The course spans a period eight weeks: from Tuesday April 2nd to Friday May 24th.
Because of many vacation days (including a one week May vacation), please refer to the schedule on the wiki for the correct lecture dates.

It is easier to see the course as divided in three blocks.

  • Block 1: Transport Protocols and QoS
    • Apr 02 (tue) Transport protocols: UDP and basic TCP;
    • Apr 09 (tue) TCP: congestion control and 'problem cases';
    • Apr 12 (fri) New transport protocols: SCTP and RTP; VoIP: SIP and H.323;
    • Apr 16 (tue) QoS: DiffServ, IntServ and CoS
  • Block 2: Optical Networks
    • Apr 16 (tue) Optical technologies
    • Apr 19 (fri) Optical circuit provisioning systems: NSI Guest lecturer: Jeroen van der Ham
    • Apr 23 (tue) Control planes: MPLS and GMPLS Guest lecturer: Marijke Kaat
    • Apr 26 (fri) SDNs and OpenFlow Guest lecturer: Rudolf Strijkers and Marc Makkes
    • May 07 (tue) SDNs and OpenFlow Guest lecturer: Ronald van der Pol
  • Block 3: Wireless and mobile networks
    • May 14 (tue) Mobility: Mobile IPv4, Mobile IPv6
    • May 17 (fri) Wireless networking
    • May 21 (tue) LTE and cellular technologies Guest lecturer: Frans Panken
    • May 24 (fri) No lecture
  • Site Visits:
    • TallGrass: Wednesday Apr 17
    • Fiber day : Wednesday May 22 (whole day)
Guest Company Day Date Time Lecture
Benno Overeinder NLnetLabs Wednesday Apr 08 10:30-12:30 MultiPath TCP
Freek Dijkstra SurfSARA Tuesday Apr 16 13:00-15:00Network Modeling
Maikel de Boer Atrato Friday May 24 10.15-12:00 AN: one year later

Site Visits

CompanyDay Date Time
TallGrass Wednesday May 17 10:30-12:30
Advanced Networking 2012-2013: Fiber DayWednesdayMay 22All day


The final grade will be composed of:

  • 10% classroom tests
  • 40% labs
  • 50% final examination

Labs and tests needs to sufficient (higher or equal to 5.5) for admission to the final exam.
Final exam needs to be sufficient (higher or equal to 5.5) to pass.


Day Date Time Location
TuesdayMay 28 10.30-13.00B1.23

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