Essential Skills

Teacher Adam Belloum
Lab teacher Reggie Cushing (PhD student) contact him at
Book none, but check the library in the server room for reference materials

News and Information

retake Exam Wednesday August 14, 2013
room B1.123

  • Try to be in the room at least 10mn before the beginning of the exam
  • time 14:00-16:30
  • The exam will include a small programming assignment (you can program in any of the three scripting languages we have studied OR Latex). There will be also questions on most of the topics covered during the course (Wiki,XML, Regular expressions, Web services, autotools)
  • Cheat sheets to be used during the exam (regex cheat sheet)(latex cheat sheet)

Exam Monday October 22, 2012
Students will be distributed cross the two rooms (B1.123 and C3.154) according to the lab session seating order (see seating table bellow)

  • Try to be in the room at least 10mn before the beginning of the exam
  • Theory 10:30-12:30
  • practical 13:30-15:30
  • Cheat sheets to be used during the exam (regex cheat sheet) (latex cheat sheet)

Monday (15/10/2012): Extra lecture about introduction to writing EU project proposals and beyond (experience with EU proposals)
Thursday (18/10/2012): Extra lecture combination of HTML5 with JavaScript to enable computing through the Web browser
Monday (01/10/2012): uploaded a new set of slides of the Lecture Linux tools for Textprocessing (removed the extra-slides in the assignment)
Thursday (27/09/2012): lab session of the Text Processing at 10:00
Wednesday(26/09/2012): Lecture about Text processing will be given at 15:00
Thursday (20/09/2012): Lecture about Latex will be given by Spiros Koulouzis
Monday (17/09/2012): Lecture about Web Services

Seating order / notification of assignment acceptance

(this assign means √ means approved, - means I will be back for another check)

Student Room-Seat wiki/xml/xhtml CSS/XSLT/autools Web service Latex1/2 Reg awk/sed Perl/python ruby/cvs
1 C3.154-7010.26
2 B1.23-FX160.25
3 Jos van Dijk B1.23-FX160.1 (css/xslt/autotools) √ (perl/python)√
4 Wicher Minnaard C3.154-7010.42 (css/xslt/) √ (perl/python)√ (ruby/cvs)√
5 Stefan Plug B1.23-FX160.2 (css/xslt/autotools) √ (perl/python)√(ruby/Git)√
6 Remco van Vugt C3.154-7010.29 (css/xslt/autotools) √ (perl/python)√ (ruby/cvs)√
7 B1.23-FX160.21
8 B1.23-FX160.8
9 Fahimeh Alizadeh Moghaddam B1.23-FX160.6 (css/xslt) √ - - (perl/python)√ (ruby/cvs)√
10 Hanieh Bagheri C3.154-7010.36 css/xslt) √ - (/cvs)√
11 katerina Barmpopoulou B1.23-FX160.16 (css/xslt/autotools) √ (perl/python)√ (cvs)√
12 Remy de Boer B1.23-FX160.24 (css/xslt/autotools) √ - (perl/python)√ -
13 Victor-Stefan Boteanu B1.23-FX160.12 (css/xslt) √ (perl/python)√ (ruby/cvs)√
14 Nicolas Canceill C3.154-7010.35 (css/xslt/autotools) √ (perl/python)√ (ruby/cvs)√
15 Ralph Dolmans B1.23-FX160.10 (css/xslt/autotools) √ (perl/python)√ (ruby/cvs)√
16 Wouter van Dullink B1.23-FX160.3 (css/xslt/autotools) √ (perl/python)√ (ruby/cvs√)
17 Lutz Engels B1.23-FX160.19 (css/xslt/autotools) √ - - (/cvs)
18 Tobias Fiebig C3.154-7010.30 (css/xslt/autotools) √ (perl/python)√ (ruby/cvs)√
19 Renato Fontana C3.154-7010.27 (css/xslt/autotools) √ (perl/python)√ (ruby/cvs)√
20 Ioannis Giannoulatos B1.23-FX160.11 (css/xslt/autotools) √ (perl/python)√ (ruby/cvs)√
21 Thijs Houtenbos C3.154-7010.33 (css/xslt/autotools) √ (perl/python)√ (ruby/cvs~)√
22 Wouter Katz C3.154-7010.43 (css/xslt/autotools) √ (perl/python)√ (ruby/cvs)√
23 René Klomp B1.23-FX160.17 (css/xslt/autotools) √ (perl/python)√ (ruby/cvs)√
24 Jurgen Kloosterman C3.154-7010.41 (css/xslt/autotools) √ (perl/python)√ (ruby/cvs)√
25 Javy de Koning B1.23-FX160.9 (css/xslt/autotools) √ (perl/python)√ (ruby/cvs)√
26 Michal Mioduszewski B1.23-FX160.13 (css/xslt/autotools) √ (perl/python)√ (ruby/cvs)√
27 Paweł Oljasz B1.23-FX160.7 (css/xslt/autotools) √ (perl/python)√ (ruby/cvs)√
28 Dennis Pellikaan C3.154-7010.28 (css/xslt/autotools)√ (perl/python)√ (ruby/cvs)√
29 Yudha Agung Pribadi B1.23-FX160.4 (css/xslt)√ ----
30 Björgvin Ragnarsson C3.154-7010.32
31 Rawi Ramdhan B1.23-FX160.18 (css/xslt/autotools) √ (perl/python)√ (ruby/cvs)√
32 Thijs Rozekrans B1.23-FX160.23 (css/xslt/autotools) √ (perl/python)√(ruby/cvs~)√
33 Edwin Schaap B1.23-FX160.22 (css/xslt/autotools) √ (perl/python)√ (ruby/cvs)√
34 Nikolaos Sidiropoulos C3.154-7010.38 (css/xslt/autotools) √ (perl/python)√ (ruby~/cvs)√
35 Periklis Stefopoulos B1.23-FX160.15 (css/xslt/autotools) √ (perl/python)√ (ruby/cvs)√
36 Tim Timmermans C3.154-7010.37 (css/xslt/autotools) √ (perl/python)√ (-/cvs)√
37 Gabor Toth B1.23-FX160.14 (css/xslt/autotools) √
38 Diederik Vandevenne B1.23-FX160.20 (css/xslt/autotools) √ - -
39 Sebastiaan Vlaszaty C3.154-7010.31
41 Tjebbe Vlieg C3.154-7010.40 (css/xslt/autools) √
42 B1.23-FX160.5
43 Pieter Westein C3.154-7010.34 (css/xslt/autools) √ (perl/python)√ (ruby/cvs)√
44 Todor Yakimov C3.154-7010.39 (css/xslt/autools) √

Time and Location

Every Monday and Thursday (September 3 - October 15, 2012)

10.15 - 12.00 hours

SNE Lab (B1.23)

Installing the desktop machines

  • If the computer is still running, turn if off.
  • Turn the computer on.
  • If the machine boots a local OS use F12 to select a netboot

The machine will now perform a netboot.

  • Press F1 to get an overview of the available boot options.

In room B1.23:

  • Type fx160-12.04 and press enter.

In room C3.154:

  • Type 7010-12.04 and press enter.

The machine will now do an unattended install of Ubuntu 12.04. Existing data will be overwritten! Realize this when you want to reinstall in the future.

After installing, the machine will reboot.

  • When PXE comes up again, press enter.

The machine will boot its new installation. This installation is configured to work within the OS3 network. For instance, it uses LDAP to verify your identity when you log in.


October 22 2012

  • Theory exam 11:15-13:15
  • Practical exam 14:00-16:00

Theory-exam 2010 theory-exam-2010 practical-exam 2010: given the package beamer, try to reproduce a subset of slides of the course Latex including (tables, figures, items, quotes, references, math equations, colors). Also CSS question redo the same example we have done during the lecture (the layout of the SNE web page)

Theory-exam 2011 theory-exam-2011 practical-exam 2010:


Date subject sheets Assignments
September 3 Dokuwiki (Doku)Wiki
September 6 XML, XHTML (XML/XHTML)
September 10 css XSLT (XSL/XSLT)
September 13 autotools (autotools)
September 17 Web service (web services)
September 20 LaTeX part 1/2 (Latex-1) (Latex-2) (Assignment-latex)
September 24 Regular Expressions (regex)
September 27 text processing tools (text processing tools) Apache Log file
October 01 Perl (Perl)
October 04 Python (Python)
October 08 ruby (Ruby)
October 11 vcs (vcs)

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