InterNetworking and Routing 2012-2013

Lecturer Karst Koymans
Lab TeacherCosmin Dumitru
Lab SupportNiels Sijm


The first six weeks consist of lectures and practical exercises.

The seventh week is for site visits and remaining lab exercises.

The eighth week is for the examination.


Text books relevant to the subject:


Lab Exercises

Week Topic Assignments
1 Virtualization lab1.pdf
2 Network tools lab2.pdf
3 UML/IPv6/STP/VLAN lab3.pdf lab4.pdf
4 RIP lab5.pdf
5 OSPF lab6.pdf
6 BGP lab7.pdf


Guest Company Day Date Time Lecture
Iljitsch van BeijnumFreelanceWednesdayFebruary 2010:30-12:30It's the economy, stupid: the transition from IPv4 to IPv6
Henk Steenman AMS-IX WednesdayMarch 20 10:30-12:30AMS-IX Organisation and Infrastructure

Site Visits

Company Day Date Time
SURFnet Thursday March 2109:00-13:00
Equinix WednesdayApril 3 13:00-14.30

The visit to Equinix will be in two groups

Group 1 (13:00-13:45)

  • Thijs Rozekrans
  • Gabor Tóth
  • Jos van Dijk
  • Diederik Vandevenne
  • Hanieh Bagheri
  • Nikolaos Sidiropoulos
  • Javy de Koning
  • Todor Yakimov
  • Stefan Plug
  • Yudha Agung Pribadi
  • Remco van Vugt

Group 2 (13:45-14:30)

  • Fahimeh Alizadeh Moghaddam
  • Victor-Stefan Boteanu
  • Aikaterini Barmpopoulou
  • Periklis Stefopoulos
  • Remy de Boer
  • Lutz Engels
  • Wouter van Dullink
  • René Klomp
  • Tjebbe Vlieg
  • Rawi Ramdhan
  • Ioannis Giannoulatos


Day Date Time Location
ThursdayMarch 2810:30-13:00B1.23

Student seating

Seat number Student
01 Thijs Rozekrans
03 Gabor Tóth
04 Jos van Dijk
05 Diederik Vandevenne
06 Hanieh Bagheri
07 Nikolaos Sidiropoulos
08 Javy de Koning
09 Todor Yakimov
10 Stefan Plug
11 Yudha Agung Pribadi
12 Remco van Vugt
13 Fahimeh Alizadeh Moghaddam
14 Victor-Stefan Boteanu
15 Aikaterini Barmpopoulou
16 Periklis Stefopoulos
17 Remy de Boer
18 Lutz Engels
19 Wouter van Dullink
20 René Klomp
21 Tjebbe Vlieg
22 Rawi Ramdhan
23 Ioannis Giannoulatos

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