Security of Systems and Networks


Schedule & Sheets

Date Day Topic Slides Handouts Lab assignments Smartboard Notes Remarks
20111029 Monday Classical Crypto pdf Lab 1 ( deadline 2Nov2012)
20101101 Thursday Enigma pdf Lab 2 ( deadline 6Nov2012)
20101105 Monday Modern Crypto pdf Lab 3 (deadline 10Nov2012)
20101108 Thursday Stenography pdf Lab 4 (Deadline 14Nov2012)
20101112 Monday Passwords pdf Lab 5 (Deadline 21Nov2012)
20101115 Thursday Protocols pdf Lab 6 (Optional)
20101119 Monday Authentication pdf
20101122 Thursday Kerberos & TLS pdf
20101126 Monday SSH IPsec pdf
20101229 Thursday PKI certificates
20101203 Monday Riscure Embedded devices
20101206 Thursday KPMG GPU cracking
20101210 Monday OpenVPN
20101213 Thursday NCSC GSM
20101217 Monday Presentations
20101220 Friday Examination

Exam material: (definitive version at last lecture)

Slides and Book:

  • Chapter 1 in full
  • Chapter 2 in full
  • Chapter 3 in full emphasis on DES and AES
  • Chapter 4 in full mind the slides!
  • Chapter 5 in full emphasis on MD5 and SHA
  • Chapter 6 only what is covered in class
  • Chapter 7 en 8 only as background to Math slides
  • Chapter 9 in full
  • Chapter 10 in full
  • Chapter 11.1 till 11.3 + slides
  • Chapter 12 just read
  • Chapter 13 en 14 (only slides)
  • Chapter 15 read (only slides)
  • Chapter 16 in full (for topics covered in class)
  • Chapter 17 18 read (only slides)
  • Chapter 19 in full
  • Chapter 20-23 read in overview
  • Chapter 35 read in overview

Some sheets of guest lectures are only available to students and shouldn't be distributed outside of OS3

local copy codebook CD

Additional Material: WEP WPA WPA2 802.11i Rainbow Tables Evolution of Wireless Security


Project title Students
Assessing security in wireless communication of E-paper displays Wouter Katz Renato Fontana Todor Yakimov Periklis Stefopoulos
Authenticity determination of public wifi Remo van Vugt Yudha AgungPribadi Jos van Dijk
Desirable features for plausibly deniable encryptionBjörgvin Ragnarsson Gabor Toth Hanieh Bagheri Wicher Minnaard
Disrupting time management in a Microsoft Windows 2008 Active Directory environment using NTP Wouter van Dullink Dennis Pellikaan Tjebbe Vlieg Pieter Westein
Open Wi SSID Broadcast vulnerability Nikos Sidiropoulos Micha l Mioduszewski Pawe l Oljasz Edwin Schaap
Security analysis of Cell Broadcasting used by NL-Alert Victor Boteanu Ralph Dolmans Ioannis Giannoulatos Katerina Mparmpopoulou
Security in mobile banking
(60 day responsible disclosure embargo)
Thijs Houtenbos Jurgen Kloosterman Bas Vlaszaty Javy de Koning
Short Term World Wide Unsecured SNMP Distribution Evaluation and AnalysisLutz Engels Tobias Fiebig Rawi Ramdhan Tim Timmermans
Traitor trace in Samba Rene Klomp Stefan Plug Remy de Boer Thijs Rozekrans
Using Steganography to hide messages inside PDF files Fahimeh Alizadeh Nicolas Canceill Sebastian Dabkiewicz Diederik Vandevenne

You can find the video of your SSN project presentation here.


Open book No electronic aids allowed


Attendance mandatory and conditional Labs need to be graded as sufficient

Presentation 0% Report 30% Exam 70%


Jaap van Ginkel

Lab teachers: Toto van Inge and Cosmin Dumitru

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