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 Seats 25 and 35 will be skipped. Seats 25 and 35 will be skipped.
-In order to get an even split of all groups below between the two locations,+In order to get an even split of the first two groups below between the two locations,
 the following restriction applies: the following restriction applies:
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 only seats from the other group will be allocated (still in the order of the Nomcom output). only seats from the other group will be allocated (still in the order of the Nomcom output).
-A similar rule applies to the other groups.+A similar rule applies to the second group. 
 +Because of the unequal size of both labs the last two groups ​are not so nicely balanced. 
 +The result of this procedure in [[2013-2014:​seats|seat order]].
 ==== New full-time students ==== ==== New full-time students ====
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 ^Name^Course(s)^Seat^ ^Name^Course(s)^Seat^
-|Mike Berkelaar|ES+CIA| ​ +|Mike Berkelaar|ES+CIA|40
-|Eddie Bijnen|ES+CIA| ​ +|Eddie Bijnen|ES+CIA|43
-|Cedric ​van Bockhaven|ES+CIA| ​ +|Cedric ​Van Bockhaven|ES+CIA|38
-|Andrzej Bogdan ​Ptasinski|ES+CIA| ​ +|Andy Ptasinski|ES+CIA|9
-|Peter van Bolhuis|ES+CIA| ​ +|Peter van Bolhuis|ES+CIA|19
-|Joris Claassen|ES+CIA| ​ +|Joris Claassen|ES+CIA|11
-|Connor Dillon|ES+CIA| ​ +|Connor Dillon|ES+CIA|39
-|Hristo Dimitrov|ES+CIA| ​ +|Hristo Dimitrov|ES+CIA|41
-|Leendert van Duijn|ES+CIA| ​ +|Leendert van Duijn|ES+CIA|37
-|Kim van Erkelens|ES+CIA| ​ +|Kim van Erkelens|ES+CIA|17
-|Sharon Gieske|ES+CIA| ​ +|Sharon Gieske|ES+CIA|2
-|Eric van den Haak|ES+CIA| ​ +|Eric van den Haak|ES+CIA|7
-|Azad Kamali ​Roosta|ES+CIA| ​ +|Azad Kamali|ES+CIA|36
-|Andreas Karakannas|ES+CIA| ​ +|Andreas Karakannas|ES+CIA|27
-|Stavros Konstantaras|ES+CIA| ​ +|Stavros Konstantaras|ES+CIA|18
-|Magiel van der Meer|ES+CIA| ​ +|Magiel van der Meer|ES+CIA|29
-|Guido Pineda Reyes|ES+CIA| ​ +|Guido Pineda Reyes|ES+CIA|3
-|Anastasios Poulidis|ES+CIA| ​ +|Anastasios Poulidis|ES+CIA|20
-|Mick Pouw|ES+CIA| ​ +|Mick Pouw|ES+CIA|15
-|Sean Rijs|ES+CIA| ​ +|Sean Rijs|ES+CIA|5
-|Hoda Rohani|ES+CIA| ​ +|Hoda Rohani|ES+CIA|26
-|Jan-Willem Selij|ES+CIA| ​ +|Jan-Willem Selij|ES+CIA|8
-|George Thessalonikefs|ES+CIA| ​ +|George Thessalonikefs|ES+CIA|30
-|Esan Wit|ES+CIA| ​ |+|Esan Wit|ES+CIA|33|
 ==== Returning students ==== ==== Returning students ====
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 ^Name^Course(s)^Seat^ ^Name^Course(s)^Seat^
-|Yudha Agung Pribadi|ES+CIA| ​ +|Yudha Agung Pribadi|ES+CIA|24
-|Nicolas Canceill|CIA| ​ +|Nicolas Canceill|CIA|16
-|Jos van Dijk|CIA| ​ +|Jos van Dijk|CIA|4
-|Lutz Engels|CIA| ​ +|Lutz Engels|CIA|22
-|Iwan Hoogendoorn|CIA|  +|Miguel Ferreira|CIA|32
-|Rawi Ramdhan|CIA| ​ +|Rawi Ramdhan|CIA|31
-|Sebastiaan Vlaszaty|CIA| ​ +|Sebastiaan Vlaszaty|CIA|34
-|Pieter Westein|CIA| ​ |+|Pieter Westein|CIA|42|
 ==== First year part-time students ==== ==== First year part-time students ====
-  ​seats in B1.23 +  ​seats in B1.23 
-  ​3 seats in C3.154+  ​1 seat in C3.154
 ^Name^Course(s)^Seat^ ^Name^Course(s)^Seat^
-|Niels van Dijkhuizen|ES| ​ +|Niels van Dijkhuizen|ES|12
-|Joey Dreijer|ES| ​ +|Joey Dreijer|ES|10
-|Mathijs Houtenbos|ES| ​ +|Mathijs Houtenbos|ES|21
-|Jan Laan|ES| ​ +|Jan Laan|ES|28
-|Ioannis Grafis|ES| ​ +|Ioannis Grafis|ES|1
-|Daniel Romao|ES| ​ |+|Daniel Romao|ES|13|
 ==== Second year part-time students ==== ==== Second year part-time students ====
-  ​seats in B1.23 +  ​seats in B1.23 
-  ​1 seat in C3.154+  ​0 seats in C3.154
 ^Name^Course(s)^Seat^ ^Name^Course(s)^Seat^
-|Stefan Plug|CIA| ​ +|Stefan Plug|CIA|23
-|Wicher Minnaard|CIA| ​ +|Wicher Minnaard|CIA|14
-|Remco van Vugt|CIA| ​ |+|Remco van Vugt|CIA|6|

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