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Seat assignments

Seats are numbered as follows

1-25 in B1.23 (25 is the teacher seat)
26-43 in C2.154 (35 is the teacher seat)

Seats are assigned according to the NomCom procedure as documented in RFC 3797.

Inputs to the procedure are the lottery ball drawings of Saturday, August 31, 2013 as published on

The first draw is the first input and the second draw the second input.

The size of the pool is 43.

Basically the tables below will be filled from top to bottom using the output order from the NomCom procedure.

Seats 25 and 35 will be skipped.

In order to get an even split of all groups below between the two locations, the following restriction applies:

As soon as 12 seats in the first group have been allocated to one of the locations, only seats from the other group will be allocated (still in the order of the Nomcom output).

A similar rule applies to the other groups, as long as possible. Because of the unequal size of both labs it is not possible to get a completely balanced division.

New full-time students

12 seats in B1.23
12 seats in C3.154
Mike BerkelaarES+CIA40
Eddie BijnenES+CIA43
Cedric van BockhavenES+CIA38
Andrzej Bogdan PtasinskiES+CIA9
Peter van BolhuisES+CIA19
Joris ClaassenES+CIA11
Connor DillonES+CIA39
Hristo DimitrovES+CIA41
Leendert van DuijnES+CIA37
Kim van ErkelensES+CIA17
Sharon GieskeES+CIA2
Eric van den HaakES+CIA7
Azad Kamali RoostaES+CIA36
Andreas KarakannasES+CIA27
Stavros KonstantarasES+CIA18
Magiel van der MeerES+CIA29
Guido Pineda ReyesES+CIA3
Anastasios PoulidisES+CIA20
Mick PouwES+CIA15
Sean RijsES+CIA5
Hoda RohaniES+CIA26
Jan-Willem SelijES+CIA8
George ThessalonikefsES+CIA30
Esan WitES+CIA33

Returning students

4 seats in B1.23
4 seats in C3.154
Yudha Agung PribadiES+CIA24
Nicolas CanceillCIA16
Jos van DijkCIA4
Lutz EngelsCIA22
Iwan HoogendoornCIA32
Rawi RamdhanCIA31
Sebastiaan VlaszatyCIA34
Pieter WesteinCIA42

First year part-time students

5 seats in B1.23
1 seat in C3.154
Niels van DijkhuizenES12
Joey DreijerES10
Mathijs HoutenbosES21
Jan LaanES28
Ioannis GrafisES1
Daniel RomaoES13

Second year part-time students

3 seats in B1.23
0 seats in C3.154
Stefan PlugCIA23
Wicher MinnaardCIA14
Remco van VugtCIA6

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