Distributed Systems

Lecturer Thilo Kielmann, Ana-Maria Oprescu
Lab teachers Arno Bakker, Jeroen van der Ham

For more information, see The DS Homepage. Your VUnet-id should give you access to the VU blackboard site for DS.

This page will contain more information about the DS lab exercises for SNE students.

Exercise Schedule

  • Attendance to the DS labs is (as always) mandatory.
  • We encourage you to do the lab exercises, as they are designed to train you in the areas where SNE students have had difficulties with in the past. The VU students have an Internet Programming course that covers these areas.
  • Doing the exercises is not mandatory. If you do not want to do the exercises, you should form groups and collectively solve the questions posed at the end of each chapter in the DS book.
Week Date Time Topic Lab assignments Template Code Full Code
1 20141027 13:00-14:45 Operating Systems Lecture Full-sized Sheets Sheets
1 20141031 14:00-16:00
BitTorrent Lab 1
2 20141104 12:15-14:45 Simple Network File Server Lab 2 nfs-templ.zip nfs-full.zip
2 20141107 14:00-16:00 Simple Network File Server
3 20141111 12:15-14:45
3 20141113 14:00-16:00 Averaging by Gossip Lab 3 avg-templ.zip avg-full.zip
4 20141118 12:15-14:45 Averaging by Gossip
4 20141121 14:00-16:00 Clocks Lab 4 ntp-templ.zip ntp-full.zip
5 20141125 12:15-14:45 Clocks clocks-full.zip
5 20141128 14:00-16:00 Total Order Lab 5 avg-templ.zip
6 20141202 12:15-14:45 Total Order tomcast-full.zip
6 20141205 14:00-16:00 Replicated NFS Lab 6 repl-nfs-templ.zip
7 20141209 12:15-14:45 Replicated NFS repl-nfs-full.zip

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