Essential Skills

Lecturer Adam Belloum
Lab teachers Arno Bakker, Jeroen van der Ham

News and Information

  • Topics for the guest lecture (TO BE SELECTED BY SEP 18)
    • JavaScripts and HTML5
    • Cloud computing
    • Writing project proposals
    • MapReduce and BigData

Seating arrangements

Check the outcome of the NomCom procedure to find out which seat has been assigned to you for this block.

Installing the desktop machines


  • If the computer is still running, turn if off.
  • Turn the computer on.
  • Use F12 to enter the boot menu.
  • At the top of the menu it should read “Boot mode is: UEFI”. If not, contact a lab teacher.
  • From the boot menu, select the “Onboard NIC(IPv4)” option.

The machine will now perform a network boot. When the GRUB menu appears

  • Select “Install Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop (unattended)”
  • Be patient, the machine gives no feedback while the kernel is being loaded :-(

The machine will now do an unattended install of Ubuntu 14.04.
All existing data will be overwritten!
Realize this when you want to reinstall in the future.

After installation, the machine will reboot and boot its new installation.
This installation is configured to work within the OS3 network.
For instance, it uses LDAP to verify your credentials when you log in.

Time and Location


Every Monday and Thursday (September 1 - October 24, 2014)

10.15 - 12.00 hours

SNE Lab (B1.23)

Assignment Review Process


To help you prepare your assignment here are a couple of points

  • Feedback is given on a weekly basis
    • To get feedback you have to finish your assignment before the deadline (announced by the lab teachers)
    • You will receive the feedback usually one week after the deadline
    • If you miss a deadline you will get feedback somewhere before the end of the block
    • At the end of the block the lab teachers will determine whether your assignments were sufficient. They must be sufficient for you to pass the course.
  • The group assignment
    • A kind of homework with the objective to work in a group (to get to know your classmates) and learn a bit more about a given topic.
    • It consists of reading a paper or watching an online video (Keynotes, tutorials, lectures, …)
    • TODO:
      • extract the interesting points and write a short summary on your own wiki (Text, figures, references …)
      • discuss them with you group members
      • Present them in the next lecture (2 to 3 mn per group, so be prepared)
  • How we review your assignments: following criteria are important
    • clarity of the given explanations
    • references
    • analysis of the proposed further reading (HomeWork)
    • robustness of the proposed solution (programming, regular expression)
    • comments
    • presentation and layout




Date subject sheets Assignments
September 1 Wikis(Dokuwiki) XML(XHTML) (Doku)Wiki, XML, HealthyComputing assignments week 36
September 8 Autotools autotools assignments week 37
September 11 RegExp regular expression
September 15 Text Processing Tools/Version Control Systems Text Processing Tools Version Control Systems assignments week 38 access_log1.txt
September 18 Latex Latex 1 Latex 2
September 22 Introduction statistics 12014-09-22_final.pdf No assignments, but review “hands-on #5” (slide #62)
September 25 Introduction statistics 2 2014-09-25-final.pdf Assignment Sep. 25 (PDF)
September 29 Computer Architecture Computer Architecture
October 02 Computer Architecture Computer Architecture
October 06 Python Python Assignment week 41
October 09 Web Service Web Service
October 13 DataBases and SQL DataBases and SQL Handson
October 16 Guest Lectures BigData Cloud Computing computing the browser
October 20 Exam
October 23


Logs Overview

Assignments Feedback deadline
1.1+1.2 Mon Sep 8, 10:00
1.3 Thu Sep 11, 10:00
2 Mon Sep 15, 10:00
3 Thu Sep 18, 10:00
4 Mon Sep 22, 10:00
5 Thu Sep 25, 10:00
6 Thu Sep 25, 10:00
Statistics Thu Oct 2, 10:00
10 (Python) Mon Oct 13, 10:00




Previous exams 2010, 2011


  • Practical-exam: given the package beamer, try to reproduce a subset of slides of the course Latex including (tables, figures, items, quotes, references, math equations, colors). Also CSS question redo the same example we have done during the lecture (the layout of the SNE web page)


  • Practical-exam:
    • Latex was given in 2012 year as the latex assignment: given a paper in text format the objective was to format it using laTex as (two column paper, which sections, math, table, figure, references and cross-references,


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