Security of Systems and Networks

Schedule & Sheets

Date Day Topic Slides Lab assignments Remarks
20141027 Monday Classical Crypto slides
20141030 Thursday Enigma slides Lab 2
20141103 Monday Modern Crypto Hashesslides Lab 3
20141106 Thursday Modern Crypto DES/AEA slides Lab 4 Not part of lab grade
20141114 Monday Public Cryptography slides
20141204 Thursday Protocols slides Lab 5 Final excercise
20141127 Thursday Crypto Math SlidesHandout version 1.24
20141201 Monday Authentication slides
20141204 Thursday Passwords slides
20141208 Monday TLS slides
20141211 Thursday IPsec slides

SSN Projects Overview

Title Members Proposal Approved Status Report
Evaluation of the security of smartwatch communication James, Harm, Florian PDF pending
PXE boot attack Wouter, Martin, Dragos PDF pending
Encryption in popular Firefox OS applications Adriaan, Carlo, Rohprimardho PDF pending
SURFdrive analysis Martijn, Peter, Jan-Willem PDF pending
Exhaustive search on URL shorteners Alex, Xavier, Nick PDF pending
MijnPakket Koen, Stella, Julien PDF pending
(In)security of Java within middleware Xander, Yonne, Diana PDF pending
Cognitive Passwords Hamza, Roland, Tarcan PDF pending
Comparing WebUI security of stock and alternative router firmware Guido, Andrey, Jeroen PDF pending

√ = Approved. AB, JH = lab teachers responsible

Presentations Monday December 15th

Slot Time Group
1 10:15 Adriaan, Carlo, Rohprimardho
2 10:45 Xander, Yonne, Diana
11:15 Coffee
3 11:30 Koen, Stella, Julien
4 12:00 Wouter, Martin, Dragos
12:30 Break
5 13:15 Martijn, Peter, Jan-Willem
6 13:45 Alex, Xavier, Nick
7 14:15 Guido, Andrey, Jeroen
14:45 Break
8 15:00 James, Harm, Florian
9 15:30 Hamza, Roland, Tarcan


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