Computer Crime and Forensics 2015-2016



The slides are available on an internal website.

Assignments CCF

Student CCF Projects

Project name Group members Proposal Report
Open Source Automatic Imager Marat Nigmatullin, Jeroen van Prooijen report
Recording Device Detection Ruben de Vries report
Testing Hardware USB Write Blockers Tom Curran, Frank Uijtewaal report
Dutch Public Transportation Services Thom Does, Robert Diepeveen report
Drone Forensics Loek Sangers, Mike Maarse report
Nintendo Wii-U Forensics Romke van Dijk, Dana Geist report
Forensic procedures Eleni Athanasiadou
Incognito Browsers Lazar Petrov

Presentation date

Presentation date is:


15 minutes presentation, 5 minutes questions

Time Group members Project name
10:00 Ruben de Vries Recording phone Detection
10:20 Loek Sangers, Mike Maarse Drone Forensics
10:40 Eleni Athanasiadou Forensic procedures
11:00 ————BREAK————
11:20 Thom Does, Robert Diepeveen Dutch Public Transportation Services
11:40 Romke van Dijk, Dana Geist Nintendo Wii-U Forensics
12:00 ————BREAK————
13:00 Tom Curran, Frank Uijtewaal Testing Hardware USB Write Blockers
13:20 Marat Nigmatullin, Jeroen van Prooijen Open Source Automatic Imager
13:40 Lazar Petrov Incognito Browsers


Week Lab assignments Feedback deadline
1 Lab 1 15-02-2016
2 Lab 2 17-02-2016
2 Lab 3 22-02-2016


Your final grade consists of:

Presentation 20% Report 80%

LecturerJaap van Ginkel
Lab TeacherMick Pouw


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