The Course Programme

Within any organisation, where you work as a System and Network Engineer, you will be responsible for:

  • Designing system configurations
  • Designing and executing procedures for daily management and during calamities
  • Keeping up to date with technical innovations and utilising the possibilities they represent
  • Planning and verifying steps in the evolution of managed systems and networks
  • Providing adequate and up to date security

These subjects will be treated thoroughly in the SNE course programme.

Full-time and Part-time

The curriculum has been set up to be a full-time programme. It is also possible to enroll as a part-time student. This allows a student to graduate in two years instead of one, requiring the student to be present for half the amount of time, meaning two full days per week. Since there are many colloquia the part-time student will have to be present regularly for a third, extra day. The days of the week on which classes will be given can vary between courses, meaning the part-time student will have to be able to make flexible arrangements with his or her employer. Also there are research projects in the months of January and June where the part-time student is required to be present full-time. Of course the part-time student will only have to do one of the research projects per year, so either in January or June his or her attention can be fully assigned to the employer.

The SNE curriculum

The curriculum of 60 ECTS encompasses 10 courses in total.
There are 8 regular courses, each taking 8 weeks half-time and 2 research projects, each taking 4 weeks full-time.

The SNE education now has two tracks, a Networking track and a Security track.

Full-time (one year)
Part-time (first year) Part-time (second year)
Semester 1
(8 + 8 + 4 weeks)
Course ECTS Course ECTS
Period 1
Essential Skills 6 Classical Internet Applications 6
Period 2
Security of Systems and Networks 6 Distributed Systems 6
Period 3
Research Project 1 6
Semester 2
(8 + 8 + 4 weeks)
Course ECTS Course ECTS
Period 4
Large Installation Administration 6 InterNetworking and Routing
(Networking track)

CyberCrime and Forensics
(Security track)
Period 5
Offensive Technologies 6 Advanced Networking
(Networking track)

Advanced Security
(Security track)
Period 6
Networking Research Project 2
(Networking track)

Security Research Project 2
(Security track)

Concise Information

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