Ethical Procedures for MSc SNE

Ethics play an important role in System and Network Engineering. Professionals and students often come into contact with sensitive information containing private personal information, or related to vulnerabilities. During the course of the year we teach this to the students in different contexts.

To cope with these issues in student projects we have defined Ethical Procedures for projects performed by students throughout the year. This means that the students must include an 'ethical considerations' paragraph in their projects proposal. The projects are then ranked and get increasing supervision on the ethical part depending on the ranking.

Should students find vulnerabilities or other problems with products of outside companies, then we will coordinate with these companies and perform a responsible disclosure procedure where we will adhere to the guidelines as set by the Dutch National Cyber Security Center.

Ethics Committee

The ethical considerations are primarily reviewed by the teacher of the course, after which these are reviewed by the Ethics Committee. The Ethics Committee is comprised of three members:

  • Programme Director: Karst Koymans
  • Security Track Coordinator: Jaap van Ginkel
  • Ethics Advisor: Jeroen van der Ham

The Ethics Committee can be reached by email via ecos3 at os3 dot nl.

The Ethics Committee will decide on proposals within two workdays. Should there be any disagreement, it is possible to apply the case with the Ethics Committee of the Information Sciences, which will decide within one week.

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