Security of Systems and Networks

Lecturer Jaap van Ginkel
Lab teachers Uraz Odyurt (B1.23)
Péter Prjevara (C3.154)


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Schedule & Sheets

Date Day Topic Slides Lab assignments Remarks
2018/09/03 Monday Intro and Classical Crypto pdf Lab 1
2018/09/06 Thursday Crypto Math slides, handoutLab 2
2018/09/10 Monday Enigma pdf Lab 3
2018/09/13 Thursday Modern crypto symmetric pdf Lab 4
2018/09/17 Monday Modern crypto hashes pdf Lab 5.1
2018/09/20 Thursday Public key crypto
2018/09/24 Monday Public key crypto
2018/09/27 Thursday Protocols
2018/10/01 Monday Authentication
2018/10/04 Thursday Authentication II
2018/10/08 Monday Kerberos / TLS
2018/10/11 Thursday
2018/10/15 Monday
2018/10/18 Thursday


Open book. Materials:

  • Textbook: Study guide
  • All slides
  • Codebook CD-ROM
  • Cryptool excercises and animations

Helpful materials to study

  • Wikipedia articles on classsic crypto algorithms covered in slides

No electronic aids allowed


Attendance mandatory and conditional Labs need to be graded as sufficient

Presentation 0% Report 30% Exam 70% Minimum grade for all parts 4.0



You are required to complete a project as part of this course. Project work will start from Week 3, but you can already start thinking about topics you would like to explore, and discuss them with Jaap and the lab teachers.


You are required to make a presentation for your SSN project on September 22, 2018. Time slots will be announced here.

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