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 +====== The SNE location ======
 +The SNE master is located at the Science Park in the Watergraafsmeer: ​
 +|Science Park 904 \\ Room B1.23 \\ 1098XH Amsterdam \\ [[https://​maps.google.com/​maps?​q=Uva+science+park+904&​hl=en&​ll=52.356057,​4.955328&​spn=0.005648,​0.007263&​sll=52.356157,​4.955191&​sspn=0.006295,​0.006295&​z=17|Google Map link]]|
 +====== The SNE laboratory ======
 +Most of the time students will work in the SNE laboratory. There we
 +provide the computers and software that is needed for the study.
 +The lab is split over two locations. Room B1.23 is used for most
 +lectures and has 24 seats for practical work. Room C3.154 has another 18
 +seats for practical work.
 +===== Server room =====
 +Next to room B1.23 the servers are housed, separate from the UvA
 +infrastructure and well connected to both B1.23 and C3.154.
 +It contains all the experimentation machines for the students as well as
 +the main OS3 servers. ​
 +===== Computers =====
 +In the lab each student has a computer available on the desk and
 +provisions to attach a laptop. On these computers the students will do
 +normal work like writing reports and browsing the Web.
 +Furthermore each student has a personal experimentation computer inside
 +the server room. On these computers the students will perform most of
 +their experiments and projects.

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