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 ==== Introductory slides SNE ==== ==== Introductory slides SNE ====
-{{:2017-2018:info:master_sne2018.pdf|Master SNE presentation (Master'​s Event, ​February 15, 2018)}}+{{:2018-2019:info:master_sne_20181011.pdf|Master SNE presentation (Master'​s Event, ​October 11, 2018)}}
-/*This presentation in {{:​2015-2016:​master_sne_20151112_handout.pdf|handout format}}. 
-====== Two Tracks ====== 
-The master SNE has two tracks, a **Networking track** and a **Security track**. 
-In our [[curriculum|curriculum]] you find a list of individual courses. 
 ====== Target students ====== ====== Target students ======

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