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 ====Probability theory and inference statistics==== ====Probability theory and inference statistics====
 {{:​2019-2020:​2019_statisticscolloquium_day2.pdf|Slides (PDF)}} {{:​2019-2020:​2019_statisticscolloquium_day2.pdf|Slides (PDF)}}
 +===== October 09, 2019 =====
 +====DANE, MTA-STS and MailerQ====
 +{{:​2019-2020:​1._uva_dane.pdf|Dane by Rafal Goslawski}}
 +{{:​2019-2020:​2._uva_mta-sts.pdf|MTA-STS by Rafal Goslawski}}
 +{{:​2019-2020:​3._uva_high_performance_mta.pdf|MailerQ by Rafal Goslawski}}
 +====Academic Writing and Presentation Tips====
 +{{:​2019-2020:​academic_writing_best-practices_-_2019-10-09.pdf|Academic Writing Best Practices by Uraz Odyurt}}
 +{{:​2019-2020:​presentation_guidance_v2019.pdf|Presentation Tips by Peter Prjevara}}

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