Advanced Networking 2019-2020: material

This page contains the material related to the course. This page can be used as a reference to prepare for the final exam.


Lecture Topic Slides Handouts
Lecture 01 Basics of TCP Slides(PDF)Handouts(PDF)
Lecture 02 More TCP and beyond Slides(PDF) Handouts(PDF)
Lecture 03 QoS Slides(PDF)Handouts(PDF)
Lecture 04 MPLS Slides(PDF)
Lecture 05 Optical Networking Slides(PDF)Handouts(PDF)
Lecture06 WiFi Slides (PDF) Handouts(PDF
Lecture07 Mobility Slides(PDF)Handouts(PDF)
Lecture08 SDNs (PDF) Handouts(PDF)
Lecture 09 NDN Slides (PDF) Handouts (PDF)


Guest Company Day Topic Slides
Peter Prjevara UvA Tue. Feb 12 JunoOS Intro JunOS Intro Slides + Exercise

Home readings

You will be assigned material to read at home before a lecture.

Some of this material is subject to testing during the lecture. Both tested and additional readings are required material for the final exam.

Tested reading

Test date Topic Title Document Notes
Fri. Feb. 07 TCP - Transmission Control Protocol Chapter 17 of TCP/IP illustrated - Vol 1 by W. Richard Stevens (PDF)
Tue. Feb. 11 QUIC HTTP over UDP: an Experimental Investigation of QUIC by Carlucci et. al In: Proceedings of the 30th Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (pp. 609-614). ACM.(PDF) Read up to section 3 (section 3 onward excluded)
Fri. Feb 14 CoDel Controlling queue delays by Nichols et al.: ACM Networks Magazine (2012) (PDF) Read up to page 6 (included)
Tue. Feb. 18 MPLS MPLS: The Magic Behind the Myths by G. Armitage (PDF)
Tue. Feb. 25 Optical networks Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Optical Networking – But Were Afraid to Ask (PDF) Watch video from 1:09:00 to end - corresponding to slide 65 onward
Fri. Feb. 28 802.11 “The IEEE 802.11 Universe” By: G. Hiertz et al In“ IEEE Communication Magazine vol.48 no.1 2010 (PDF)
Tue. Mar 03 LISP Location Identifier Separation Protocol View: You Tube
Tue. Mar 10 SDNs “Software-Defined Networking: A Comprehensive Survey” by D. Kreutz et al. (PDF) Read section 1-3 (Section 4 and onward EXCLUDED)
Fri. Mar. 13 ICNs “A Survey of Information-Centric Networking” by B. Ahlgren et al.; In: IEEE Communications Magazine • July 2012 (PDF) Read up to page 31; section “DESIGN CHOICES AND TRADE-OFFS” excluded

Additional reading

Lecture date Topic Title PDF Notes

Lab Exercises

Labs and submission deadlines are to be found on Canvas.

Content and topics from the labs are part of the exam.

Final exam

Normally, the final exam is an open book exam based on the material above. This year we will have a 'take-home-exam' via Canvas. The date and time remain the same as originally planned. More instructions will be given via email.

Here as reference the exam from 2019. (2019 exam PDF)

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