Security of Systems and Networks

Lecturer Jaap van Ginkel
Lab teachers Arno Bakker
Péter Prjevara


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Schedule & Sheets

Date Day Topic Slides Lab assignments Remarks
2019/09/02 Monday Intro and Classical Crypto pdf Lab 1 (1 afternoon)
2019/09/05 Thursday Mathematics of Crypto slides, handouts Lab 2 (1 afternoon) smartboard notes
2019/09/09 Monday Enigma pdf Lab 3 (1 afternoon)
2019/09/09 Thursday Modern Crypto Stream Ciphers pdf Lab 4 (1 afternoon)
2019/09/16 Monday DES AES Optional: Lab 5 (1 afternoon)
2019/09/19 Thursday Modern crypto Hashing pdf
2019/09/23 Monday Assymetric Crypto pdf
2019/09/26 Thursday Security Protocols pdf
2019/09/30 Monday Authentication pdf
2019/10/03 Thursday Biometrics pdf
2019/10/07 Monday Kerberos pdf
2019/10/10 Thursday SSH TLS pdf
2019/10/07 Monday IPsec pdf
2019/10/17 Thursday Guest Lecture KPMG


Open book. Materials:

  • Textbook: Study guide
  • All slides
  • Codebook CD-ROM
  • Cryptool excercises and animations

Helpful materials to study

  • Wikipedia articles on classsic crypto algorithms covered in slides

No electronic aids allowed


Attendance mandatory and conditional Labs need to be graded as sufficient

Presentation 0% Report 30% Exam 70% Minimum grade for all parts 4.0

Lab Templates and Logs


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