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 __Material__:​ __Material__:​
-[[https://​courses.edx.org/​courses/​MITx/​6.00.1x/​3T2013/​courseware/​Week_1/​|MITx:​ 6.00.1x Introduction to Computer Science and Programming]] (videos) 
-  * Free registration required 
-  * Lectures 1 - 8 (note that each lecture has multiple videos\\ accessible from the horizontal bar above the videos) 
-  * Lectures 1 - 8 are also available on [[https://​www.youtube.com/​playlist?​list=PLyn5LaVca46lg_cV2mjm8fKiJDlyNFGvi|YouTube]] 
-If you're already familiar with programming,​ you might prefer to read: 
 [[http://​docs.python.org/​2/​tutorial/​|The Python Tutorial]] [[http://​docs.python.org/​2/​tutorial/​|The Python Tutorial]]

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