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 +====== SNE recruitment policy ======
 +The master education SNE does **not appreciate** any unsollicited ​
 +requests by recruitment departments for interaction with our students.
 +Our master education SNE in Security and Network Engineering
 +regularly receives an offer, often from a recruitment
 +department, to get into contact with our students in
 +order to find suitable candidates for vacancies in the
 +organisation. Given the scarce resources on the job
 +market this is very understandable. But the master SNE has
 +a completely different starting point in bringing students
 +and possibly interesting or interested employers together.
 +We have an elaborate network of contacts, where enthusiasm for 
 +interesting technologies and challenging innovations is a common
 +interest. There are three possibilities for cooperation:​
 +  - Giving a guest lecture or colloquium, without any marketing content.
 +  - Supervising student projects, see [[https://​rp.os3.nl/​]].
 +  - Organising company visits, facilitating acquaintance with interesting techniques and knowledge.
 +In case you think you can make an interesting contribution
 +to our programme, we need a **technically oriented** contact and
 +an explicit proposal for a contribution as mentioned above.

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