Advanced Networking 2020 - 2021

This page contains general information about the course.
The material related to the specific lectures and the associated assignments can be found in the lectures page.


Guest lecturers

  • Marijke Kaat (March 05)

Lab Teachers

  • Vincent Breider
  • Roy Vermeulen

With additional lab contributions from:

  • Marijke Kaat
  • Arno Bakker
  • Niels Sijm

Lab Support

  • Arno Bakker
  • Vincent Breider
  • Roy Vermeulen


The course spans a period eight weeks: from Tuesday February 02 to Friday March 19 2021.

Site Visits and Colloquia

Company or Presenter Title Date Time
Arjan van der Vegt Wireless technologies Wed Feb 25 10.00-12.00
SURF(net) visit Get to know SURF (net) Wed March 10 10.00-12.0


The final grade will be composed of:

  • 10% home assignment: presentations in week 07th
  • 30% labs
  • 60% final examination

All components need to be higher than 4 to be used for the final grade calculation. Total weighted grade needs to be higher than 5.5.


Day Date Time Location
FridayMarch 26 10.30-13.00Tbd

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