Advanced Networking 2020 - 2021

This page contains general information about the course.
The material related to the specific lectures and the associated assignments can be found in the lectures page.


Guest lecturers

  • Marijke Kaat (March 05)

Lab Teachers

  • Vincent Breider
  • Roy Vermeulen

With additional lab contributions from:

  • Marijke Kaat
  • Arno Bakker
  • Niels Sijm
  • Joseph Hill

Lab Support

  • Niels Sijm
  • Vincent Breider
  • Roy Vermeulen


The course spans a period eight weeks: from Tuesday February 02 to Friday March 19 2021.

Site Visits and Events

CompanyDate Time Address


The final grade will be composed of:

  • 10% home assignment: presentations in week 07th
  • 40% labs
  • 50% final examination

Labs and presentations needs to sufficient (higher or equal to 5.5) for admission to the final exam.
Final exam needs to be sufficient (higher or equal to 5.5) to pass.


Day Date Time Location
FridayMarch 26 10.30-13.00Tbd

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