Large Systems 2020-2021

Lecturer Arno Bakker
Lab Teachers Vincent Breider, Roy Vermeulen


Design and Implementation

Distributed Systems (3rd Edition, February 2017) by Maarten van Steen and Andrew S. Tanenbaum

Available as a free eBook from

Chapters and Sections to Study


The Practice of System and Network Administration (3rd Edition, October 2016)
by Thomas A. Limoncelli, Christina J. Hogan, Strata R. Chalup
ISBN-10: 0321919165
ISBN-13: 978-0321919168

Chapters and Sections to Study


Your final grade consists of:

Exam 85% Presentation 15%

Minimum grade for each part 4.0. Lab assignments must be graded sufficiently for the exam grade to count.

Exam Date: TBA

Presentation Date: TBA


Week Topic PDF Quiz
1a Course Intro & Distribution Intro Course Intro, Distr. Intro
1b Virtualization Virtualization Part 1
2a Virtualization
2b Virtualization
3a Guest lecture Pieter Lexis on IaC
3b Communication & Coordination
4a Replication & Partitioning
4b Fault Tolerance
5a Architectures: Google Search, BitTorrent
5b Datacenters & Admin Intro
6a Guest lecture Kris Buytaert on DevOps
6b Services & Desktops
7a Servers
7w Guest lecture Abe Boersma on Infrastructure at Rabobank Note: Wednesday
7b Overflow

Internal page for sheets


Week Topic PDF Feedback deadline
1 Virtualization Lab 1 (2 afternoons) Nov 5, 9:00
2 VM Migration (2 afternoons)
3 RPC + Clocks (2 afternoons)
4 Infrastructure as Code (2 afternoons)
5 Scientific measurement (2 afternoons)
6 Amazon EC2 (2 afternoons)
7 Prepare presentation (2 afternoons)

Site Visits

Due to the Corona virus we have not organized any site visits.


Based on student feedback, there is no LS project this year. Instead there are more labs to teach you about Large Systems.


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