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 +===== Students score big at Hack in the Box SecConf =====
 +Students of the Master education in [[https://​www.os3.nl/​|System and Network Engineering]] (SNE)
 +of the University of Amsterdam have participated in several events surrounding the [[http://​haxpo.nl|Hack in the Box Security Conference]] (HitB) held in Amsterdam 27-30 May 2014.
 +There were several different events organised around the HitB conference, such as a Mozilla Firefox OS HackWEEKDAY,​ A Facebook API challenge, a Capture the Flag hacking context, and many more.
 +The Mozilla Firefox OS challenge has been won by a team that mostly consisted of SNE students. Several students participated in different teams at the CTF challenge, but due to the stiff competition they fell short of the prizes. Thijs Houtenbos and Jan Laan did win the overal challenge, grabbing the title of `Most 1337 coder' at the event.
 +{{:​1337-coders.jpg?​200|Most 1337 coders of HITB}}
 ===== Students find flaws in dating app Grindr ===== ===== Students find flaws in dating app Grindr =====
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 [[archive/​news|More SNE/OS3 news]] [[archive/​news|More SNE/OS3 news]]

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