Advanced Networking 2013-2014: material

This page contains the material related to the course. This page can be used as a reference to prepare for the final exam.


Lecture Topic Slides Handouts
Tues. Apr. 01 UDP and basic of TCP an2014-04-01-final.pdfan2014-04-01-handouts.pdf
Fri. Apr. 04 TCP Congestion Control an2014-04-04-final.pdf an2014-04-04-handouts.pdf
Tues. Apr. 08 Beyond TCP an2014-04-08-final.pdf an2014-04-08-handouts.pdf
Fri. Apr. 11 QoS an2014-04-11-final.pdf an2014-04-11-handout.pdf
Tues. Apr. 15 Optical Networks an2014-04-15-final.pdf an2014-04-15-handouts.pdf
Tues. Apr. 22 NSI and circuit provisioning an2014-04-22-nsi.pdf
Fri. Apr. 25 Network virtualization and programmability an2014-04-25-final.pdf an2014-04-25-handouts.pdf
Fri. May 09 Tagged routing: MPLS an2014-05-09-mpls.pdfan2014-05-09-mpls-handout.pdf
Tues. May 13 Mobility an2014-05-13-final.pdf an2014-05-13-handouts.pdf
Fri. May 16 WiFi an2014-05-16-final.pdf an2014-05-16-handouts.pdf
Tue. May 20 Cellular net and LTE an2014-05-20-final.pdf an2014-05-20-handouts.pdf


Guest Company Day Lecture
Benno OvereinderNLNetLabs Wed. 09 Apr.Multipath TCP
Benno OvereinderNLNetLabs Wed. 09 Apr.Congestion Control
Pedro Estrela IMC Financial Wed. 16 Apr. pedro_estrela_uva_seminar_-_april_2014_-_ptpv2_clock_syncronization_usage_by_the_finantial_sector_v6.pdf
Ronald van der PolSURFnet Tue 06 May Software Defined Networking and Openflow


Guest Company Day Material
Reindert Hommes TallGrass Tuesday Apr. 15 os3-april2014-tallgrass.pdf

Home readings

You will be assigned material to read at home before a lecture.

Some of this material is subject to testing during the lecture. Both tested and additional readings are required material for the final exam.

Tested reading

Test date Topic Title Document Instructions
Apr. 01 tuesday TCP - Transmission Control Protocol Chapter 17 of TCP/IP illustrated - Vol 1 by W. Richard Stevens apr01-tcp-stevens.pdf Read the document from page 223- 227 (all included)
Apr. 04 friday TCP Congestion Control RFC5681 rfc5681.pdf
Apr. 08 tuesday H.323 and SIP A Comparison of SIP and H.323 for Internet Telephony schu9807_comparison.pdf
Apr. 11 friday DSCP Definition of the Differentiated Services Field (DS Field) in the IPv4 and IPv6 Headers rfc2474.pdf Up to section 4.3 “Summary” included
Apr. 15 tuesday TDM and SONET/SDH Chapter 2 - Section 2.1, 2.2 and (part of) 2.3 from “Optical Network Control” by G. Bernstein et al. SONET and SDH basics
Apr. 22 tuesday Optical Network The rationale of the current optical networking initiative by C. de Laat et al. Optical nets (PDF)
Apr. 25 friday OpenFlow OpenFlow: Enabling Innovation in Campus Networks by N. McKeown et al. openflow-wp-latest.pdf
May 09 friday MPLS MPLS: The magic behind the myth by G. Armitage MPLS basics Read all
May 13 tuesday Mobile IP Mobile IP By : Perkins In: IEEE Communications Magazine 50th Anniversary Commemorative Issue/May 2002 Mobile IP Read up to section “Routing and tunneling” (page 73) - this section excluded
May 16 friday WiFi The IEEE 802.11 Universe By: G. Hiertz et al In“ IEEE Communication Magazine vol.48 no.1 2010 80211-universe.pdf
May 20 tuesday 4G 4G as a Next Generation Wireless Network By A. Khan et al. in ICFCC’09. IEEE, 2009, pp. 334–338 4G

Additional reading

Lecture date Topic Title PDF
Apr. 01 tuesday Network architecture End-to-end arguments in system design (by Saltzer et al)apr01-end-to-end.pdf

Lab Exercises

Labs and submission deadlines are to be found on Blackboard.

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