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Seat assignments for block 4

Seats are numbered as follows

1-25 in B1.23 (25 is the teacher seat)
26-43 in C3.154 (35 is the teacher seat)

Seats are basically assigned according to the NomCom procedure as documented in RFC 3797.

In order to create equal sized groups for INR and LIA and to use only one Nomcom draw, the procedure is as follows.

The first list of 27 students (in alphabetical order of their last name) consists of all students registered for INR and LIA. The second list consists of 8 students joining INR only together with 6 students joining LIA only.


Input to the Nomcom procedure are the lottery ball drawings of Saturday, January 25, 2014 as published on The first draw is the first input and the second draw the second input. The size of the pool is 27+8+6=41.

  • Lottery results 1st draw:
  • Lottery results 2nd draw:
  • Result:

The result will be split in two sublists, one containing the numbers 1-27 (to be used to reorder the first list of 27 students taking both INR and LIA) and the other one containing the numbers 28-41 (for reordering the second list of 14 students taking one course only).

The numbers refer to the new position of the students in their respective lists, not yet to seats.

  • Sublist 1:
  • Sublist 2:

The final table below will be filled from top to bottom using the just generated student orders, the first list using the “INR and LIA” slots, the second list using the “INR or LIA” slots.

INR and LIA students (27)

NamePosition in list
Yudha Agung Pribadi
Mike Berkelaar
Eddie Bijnen
Cedric Van Bockhaven
Peter van Bolhuis
Joris Claassen
Connor Dillon
Hristo Dimitrov
Leendert van Duijn
Kim van Erkelens
Sharon Gieske
Eric van den Haak
Azad Kamali
Andreas Karakannas
Stavros Konstantaras
Magiel van der Meer
Guido Pineda Reyes
Anastasios Poulidis
Mick Pouw
Andy Ptasinski
Sean Rijs
Hoda Rohani
Jan-Willem Selij
Nikolaos Sidiropoulos
George Thessalonikefs
Esan Wit
Todor Yakimov

INR only students (8)

NamePosition in list
Niels van Dijkhuizen
Joey Dreijer
Wouter van Dullink
Ioannis Grafis
Mathijs Houtenbos
Jan Laan
Rawi Ramdhan
Daniel Romao

LIA only students (6)

NamePosition in list
Dennis Cortjens
Ioannis Giannoulatos
Wicher Minnaard
Stefan Plug
Sebastiaan Vlaszaty
Remco van Vugt

Seating assignment

1INR and LIA
2INR and LIA
3INR and LIA
4INR and LIA
5INR and LIA
6INR and LIA
7INR and LIA
8INR and LIA
9INR and LIA
10INR and LIA
11INR or LIA
12INR or LIA
13INR or LIA
14INR or LIA
15INR or LIA
16INR or LIA
17INR or LIA
18INR or LIA
19INR or LIA
20INR or LIA
21INR or LIA
22INR or LIA
23INR or LIA
24INR or LIA
26INR and LIA
27INR and LIA
28INR and LIA
29INR and LIA
30INR and LIA
31INR and LIA
32INR and LIA
33INR and LIA
34INR and LIA
36INR and LIA
37INR and LIA
38INR and LIA
39INR and LIA
40INR and LIA
41INR and LIA
42INR and LIA
43INR and LIA

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