Seat assignments block 1 2015-2016

Seats are numbered as follows

1-25 in B1.23 (25 is the teacher seat)
26-43 in C3.154 (35 is the teacher seat)

Seats are assigned according to the NomCom procedure as documented in RFC 3797.

Inputs to the procedure are the lottery ball drawings of Saturday, August 29, 2015 as published on

The first draw is the first input and the second draw the second input.

The size of the pool is 43.

Basically the tables below will be filled from top to bottom using the output order from the NomCom procedure.

Seats 25 and 35 will be skipped, being lab teacher seats.

In order to get an even split of the first group below between the two locations, the following restriction applies:

As soon as the allowed number of seats in the first group has been reached for one of the locations, only seats from the other location will be allocated (still in the order of the NomCom output).

A similar rule applies to the second group. Ben is placed in C3.154 to avoid being evaluated by a lab teacher, who is also a colleague.

The third group of returning students is completely placed in B1.23.


  • Lottery results 1st draw: 5 19 23 27 38 40
  • Lottery results 2nd draw: 10 12 15 19 28 30
  • NomCom result: 18 7 30 21 33 37 43 42 28 29 16 38 39 10 17 23 6 8 20 35 4 27 25 32 41 9 22 40 26 2 3 12 15 24 11 34 5 1 36 19 31 13 14

Seating assignments

The result of this procedure in seat order.

New full-time students (27)

14 seats in B1.23
13 seats in C3.154
Peter BoersES+CIA18
Thomas CurranES+CIA7
Robert DiepeveenES+CIA30
Romke van DijkES+CIA21
Thom DoesES+CIA33
Olaf ElzingaES+CIA37
Jelte FennemaES+CIA43
Dana GeistES+CIA42
Freddy Guzman CastillaES+CIA28
Siem HermansES+CIA29
Joseph HillES+CIA16
Jeroen KlompES+CIA38
Jeroen van LeurES+CIA39
Mike MaarseES+CIA10
Lukasz MakowskiES+CIA17
Stamatios MaritsasES+CIA23
Marat NigmatullinES+CIA6
Jeroen van ProoijenES+CIA8
Kenneth van RijsbergenES+CIA20
Loek SangersES+CIA4
Jeroen SchutrupES+CIA27
Yadvir SinghES+CIA32
Alexis SiretaES+CIA41
Jara Suárez de Puga GarciaES+CIA9
Alexandros TsiridisES+CIA22
Frank UijtewaalES+CIA40
Ruben de VriesES+CIA2

First year part-time students (7)

3 seats in B1.23
4 seats in C3.154
Bram ter BorchES26
Jenda BrandsES3
Hafida El HamES12
Ben de GraaffES34
Patrick de NietES15
Lazar PetrovES36
Auke ZwaanES31

Returning students (8)

7 seats in B1.23
Andrey Afanas'yevES+CIA24
Joey Dreijer,Florian EcardCIA,ES11
Mathijs HoutenbosCIA5
Jeroen van KesselCIA1
Guido KroonCIA19
Xander LammertinkCIA13
Koen VeelenturfCIA14

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