Classical Internet Applications

Lecturer Karst Koymans
Guest Lecturer Jan Joris Vereijken (week 6)
Lab teachers Arno Bakker
Vincent Breider
Roy Vermeulen

Seating arrangement

Corona arrangement: fixed places assigned by lab teachers

Time and Location

Every Tuesday and Friday (September 1 - October 16, 2020)

09:00 - 10:45 Lecture online Classical Internet Applications
12:00 - 15:00 Lab session 1 SNE Labs B1.23, B1.24C, B1.44A
15:30 - 18:30 Lab session 2 SNE Labs B1.23, B1.24C, B1.44A



Tentative: probably on site in two sessions

Day Date Time Location
Friday October 23 12:00-14:30, 14:45-17:15 B1.23, B1.24C, B1.44A

Exam discussion drawings


Week Date Day Topic Slides Handouts Version Lab assignments Extras
1 20200901 Tuesday Intro Intro Intro 20.3 Booting (2 afternoons)
History History History 20.8
20200904 Friday
2 20200908 Tuesday Computer Architecture Computer Architecture Computer Architecture 20.10 Architecture (2 afternoons) Demo setup
20200911 Friday OS3 ASM template ASM A Puzzle for the diehards
3 20200915 Tuesday DNS DNS basic DNS basic 20.6 DNS-1 (2 afternoons)
Naming Naming 20.1 Naming xournal
20200918 Friday DNS xournal
4 20200922 Tuesday DNS advanced DNS advanced 20.6 DNS-2 (1 afternoon)
DNSSEC DNSSEC basic DNSSEC basic 20.6 Wildcards xournal
20200925 Friday DNSSEC advanced DNSSEC advanced 20.9 DNSSEC (2 afternoons) NSEC xournal
5 20200929 Tuesday Next Closer xournal
20201002 Friday Email Email Email 20.7 MTA-1 (1 afternoon)
6 20201006 Tuesday Web Web Web 20.0 MTA-2 (1 afternoon)
20201009 Friday OPTIONAL: Web (1 afternoon)
7 20201013 Tuesday ABNF (bonus) ABNF ABNF 20.1
(no lecture) Deflating (bonus) Deflating Deflating 20.2
20201016 Friday Q&A Q&A xournal


The colloquium given by Rafal Goslawski on Wednesday, October 7, is also part of the CIA exam material

Please refer to the colloquia page


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