Research Project 1

LecturerCees de Laat
Website RP1 and RP2 homepage

Shepherding Program

In order to assist the SNE participants during their Research Project 1, so that they be able to successfully achieve their weekly goals, a team of shepherds have been formed.

These shepherds will assist the students in solving their RP problems and keep a check on the progress of the project.

The distribution of shepherds to the RPs is mentioned below:

RP# Title Shepherd
4 Portable RFID/NFC “Bumping” Device JC
6 System Security Monitoring using Hadoop JC
8 Youtube-scanner KU
18 UsnJrnl parsing for file system history JC
19 UsnJrnl parsing for Microsoft Office activity KU
22 RINA - Recursive InterNet Architecture (1) KU
24 Machine detectable network behavioral commonalities for exploits and malware JC
25 Deployment of Snort KU
29 Misusing open internet services on the Web JC
30 Investigating the new Android 6.0 native fingerprint API KU
31 Security features of Android for Work JC
33 Greening the Cloud JC
38 Doing your final study project with SIDN Labs KU
39 Performance measurement and tuning of remote acquisition KU
47 Building an open-source, flexible, large-scale static code analyser JC
50 Container Networking in the GTS KU
51 Root detection evasion (Android, iOS) KU
53 Developing an Ethereum-blockchain application KU
55 Risk detection with a UAV JC
56 Penetration test auditibality JC
57 Investigation into the maliciousness of short URLs JC
65 Graph theory for domain name registries KU
66 Detecting BGP hijacks for a large number of Dutch networks JC

JC: Junaid Chaudhry (

KU: Konstantin Urysov (

Meeting schedule

The meeting schedule with the shepherds is mentioned below:

Week # Agenda Meeting Date Mode
Week 1 Project Plan (Fri, Jan 8, 2016) Jan 6, 2016 F2F / OL
Week 2 No meeting officially scheduled Jan 13, 2016 F2F / OL
Week 3 No meeting officially scheduled Jan 21, 2016 F2F / OL
Week 4 Project Delivery (Feb 2, 2016) Jan 27, 2016 F2F / OL

F2F: Face to Face OL: Online

  • Please coordinate with your shepherds for deciding on modes of meeting.
  • The agenda of meetings is mentioned above, please discuss with your shepherds the problems in achieving your goals for the week.

If you have any questions about the schedule, mode or meeting, or something else related to RP1, please feel free to contact us at the email addresses mentioned earlier on this page.

In all cases use in the Cc: or To: for all RP related emails.

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