The Master Security and Network Engineering

The Master Security and Network Engineering (SNE) is a time intensive one year programme given at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). It allows students to specialize in Security and Network Engineering on a more theoretical level. As such, graduated Security and Network Engineers play a central role in the efficient and effective functioning and innovation of the technical ICT infrastructure of the Netherlands. The impact and use of this infrastructure increases every day, as does our dependency, its complexity and its (mis)use and (mis)management. For correct management of this infrastructure people are required who are well versed in the technical details on one side, and the goals and needs of organisations and society on the other side.

Target students

This Master is a natural extension to the Bachelor Informatica (Computer Science) at the University of Amsterdam. However, the programme is also targeted at WO and HBO Bachelors in Informatica graduated in other schools of education. The programme teaches a high level of academic and scientific professionalism. The students gain an academic mode of working geared towards studying and solving concrete real-world problems.

Our admission procedure describes the prerequisites for enrollment.

Job prospects

With the growing importance of computers, networks and software there is also a growing need for highly educated people capable of actively managing their control and innovation. The Master SNE can provide these people. There will always be a need for good Security and Network Engineers, in small companies as well as large ones. The SNE graduates so far are living proof of that.

What does OS3 stand for?

OS3 stands for Open Standards, Open Software (including Open Source) and Open Security. This signifies that we believe Open Technology (OT) is an essential component of a good education on an academic level. It is required for gaining an in-depth knowledge of almost any subject in the field. This in contrast to the predominantly operational knowledge of specific and proprietary, product-dependent technology which is taught at many other schools of education. Openness is the basis for academic thinking and scientific progress. This is why with us OT, or OS3 in our case, stands in high regard.

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