SNE recruitment policy

The master education SNE does not appreciate any unsolicited requests by recruitment departments for interaction with our students.

Our master education SNE in Security and Network Engineering regularly receives an offer, often from a recruitment department, to get into contact with our students in order to find suitable candidates for vacancies in the organisation. Given the scarce resources on the job market this is very understandable. But the master SNE has a completely different starting point in bringing students and possibly interesting or interested employers together.

We have an elaborate network of contacts, where enthusiasm for interesting technologies and challenging innovations is a common interest. There are three possibilities for cooperation:

  1. Giving a guest lecture or colloquium, without any marketing content.
  2. Supervising student projects, see
  3. Organising company visits, facilitating acquaintance with interesting techniques and knowledge.

In case you think you can make an interesting contribution to our programme, we need a technically oriented contact and an explicit proposal for a contribution as mentioned above.

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