Master Education SNE/OS3

SNE is the University of Amsterdam master education in System and Network Engineering. We are in the process of changing our name to Security and Network Engineering, which more precisely describes the content of the programme.

We focus on Open Standards, Open Software and Open Security, hence the name OS3.

General information and testimonials are available at the Introductory page.

More in depth facts can be found on our Master SNE page.

An introduction to the setup of the SNE master can be found in this presentation. Also available in handout format.

New curriculum

In order to make sure that all our students have sufficient knowledge of both networking and security we have improved our curriculum.

SNE/OS3 news

  • Students find weaknesses in Digidentity paper
  • SNE again awarded 2017 top master programme: best master in category


On July 31, 2014 a positive decision for accreditation was taken.
The education scores excellent on its educational model.
More information can be found on the NVAO page for SNE.

Contact information

If you want to make a personal appointment to visit our education, and see our facilities, or to attend a lecture, you are very welcome. Please contact us via info at os3 dot nl. We are part of the Science Faculty of the University of Amsterdam, located at the Science Park Amsterdam.

Admission information

Students who want to join the master can find more information on the admission page.

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