The SNE location

The SNE master is located at the Science Park in the Watergraafsmeer:

Science Park 904
Room B1.23
1098XH Amsterdam
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The SNE laboratory

Most of the time students will work in the SNE laboratory. There we provide the computers and software that is needed for the study. The lab is split over three locations. Room B1.23 is used for most lectures and has 24 seats for practical work. Room B1.24CDE has another 22 seats for practical work. And since 2019 another lab room B1.44AB has been installed with 14 seats.

Server room

Next to room B1.23 the servers are housed, separate from the UvA infrastructure and well connected to both B1.23, B1.24CDE and B1.44AB. It contains all the experimentation machines for the students as well as the main OS3 servers.


In the lab each student has a computer available on the desk and provisions to attach a laptop. On these computers the students will do normal work like writing reports and browsing the Web.

Furthermore each student has a personal experimentation computer inside the server room. On these computers the students will perform most of their experiments and projects.

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