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New Forensics Lab

Forensics lab

For the Forensics track we have a new separate Lab.


As one of the first subdomains of the Netherlands toplevel domain (.nl), is now officially part of the chain of trust built using DNSSEC technology.

SNEtrip 2010 to National Museum of Computing and London

By Boat

The traditional SNEtrip 2010 has been to the UK. After trips to CERN by plane and Munich by train we now have been traveling by boat to the UK. We have visited the new National Museum of Computing and Bletchley Park on the 28th, and the city of London with its museums on the 29th.

New Student servers installed

New Dell R210

After 4 years of very intensive usage the student servers had to be replaced. The new students will have a Dell R210 with individual remote KVM over IP.

Forensics Challenge 2010 Second place by Axel & Joeri

Memory Toolkit NFI

In the DFRWS2010 Forensic Challenge SNE students achieved second place. The jury wrote: Joeri Blokhuis and Axel Puppe: Made a valiant effort to reconstruct the logical arrangement of data, and developed custom programs for this purpose. Ultimately used file carving and text extraction. This submission has strong tool coverage and analysis, looked for a wide variety of data formats, and addressed challenge questions. The visual depiction of timeline analysis is a highlight of this submission. More information on the DFRWS website .


Bautz Award 2009 for Thijs & Michael

The Joop Bautz Information Security Award 2009 was won by two of our students, Thijs Kinkhorst en Michael van Kleij. Their master thesis describing a framework for analyzing drive-by infections in typical network traffic was awarded by the jury with “excellent in every category and to be very relevant to society”. In 2007 the Joop Bautz award was also won by SNE students Pieter Siekerman and Maurits van der Schee. More information on the JBISA website

Joop Bautz Award

Forensics Challenge 2009 won by Alain & Wouter

The prestigious international DFRWS2009 Forensic Challenge was won by the SNE students Wouter van Dongen and Alain van Hoof. The jury wrote “We were very impressed by the thoroughness of the analysis and the clarity of presentation.”

More information on the DFRWS website.

You can find their report and presentation on the OS3 Masters Theses archive.

Award presented by Ruud van Baar NFI

New Lab

After 6 years the SNE Master moved to the new Science Park building. Our new lab is now ready for the new students. We hope to make this a great year!

New lab

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